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Welcome to our site. We are a reliable, Whirlpool bath and spa bath repair company that specialise in all Whirlpool bath and spa bath repairs. We are re-noun throughout the industry for quality workmanship as well as knowledge and experience of repairing and servicing whirlpool baths and spa baths.

We have been helping people with all their Whirlpool bath and spa bath needs since 2006 and the professional standards have stayed the same throughout. Whether it is a problem with your Whirlpool bath or if you require a bespoke whirlpool bath service.

Whirlpool bath's

Every Whirlpool bath repair which we carry out we generate a report which is stored on our database so dealing with any future queries which you may have can be dealt with over the phone. We will have access to all necessary  information therefore making the query hassle free. We also provide you with a free of charge no obligation warranty package offer.

As the leading whirlpool bath repair and servicing company in the industry we offer complete professionalism and fantastic customer service to all homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. We supply and install the highest quality whirlpool components from industry leaders which carry 12 months warranty as standard. Fitted by one of our highly skilled professionals.

As a Whirlpool bath engineer all relevant qualifications in both electrical and plumbing services  have been earned and certified, thus ensuring a high quality and professional service conforming to regulations and treating your home and whirlpool bath or spa bath as we would do our own.

We take great pride in our customer friendly attitude and welcome any questions or enquiries to be sent to sales@ukwbs


No matter how big or small your problem, a guaranteed solution saving you time and money is a phone call away. Repairs are carried out from 8am to 10pm and on Saturday's and Sunday's, Which allows for access to the property without any inconvenience throughout the usual working week.

Experts in repairing and manufacturing whirlpool baths and spa baths. We also provided a rapid response callout in case of emergencies which cause major disruption and need an immediate remedy.


Repairing Whirlpool baths and Spa baths is something which shouldn't be carried out without knowledge and experience a large percentage of work is carried out with no sight of the part of the system which has failed due to access and space underneath a bath is limited with a few questions and answers with you before we make the call we would have a method of how the work will be carried out and this will be explained before or when we arrive. Majority of our whirlpool bath repairs consists of Pump replacements, repair or replacement of Leaking jets, repair or replace leaking pipe work, light repairs, light replacements, on/off controls and control unit repair's, on/off control and control unit replacements, Residual current protection. With nearly all of the whirlpool bath repairs which are carried out a restoration service can be offered to bringing your luxury whirlpool bath back to its original condition and feature's keeping the word "luxury" very much alive in your luxury whirlpool bath.   


If you are Great Britain even the British isle's there are no restrictions to the area's covered. So if you have a problem with your whirlpool bath, just email the address is sales@ukwbs.co.uk

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Comments from Miss Ashton after WBS replaced a leaking jet" I'm very happy with the overall service I received on Sunday. I discovered water leaking through the ceiling on Friday as I was filling my bath found one of the jets had cracked and the engineer was here within three days and had repaired the leak." great service"!

The Old Barn Inn - " WBS have made a previous calls to but this call was a bit of an emergency call from us due to the whirlpool bath in our bridal suite wasn't working and we had guests in that night, They were within hours after the phone call and repaired the Jacuzzi, the service was second to none".