Whirlpool Bath Specialists

May 2014

We recently received a call from Mr Tom's in Pontypridd who had leak coming from his whirlpool bath. We made a call to his home to find a disabled walk in bath which had been installed over 15 years ago the bath had several leaks due to the poor installation of the whirlpool system. Unfortunately the base board of the bath had started to rot away  due to water absorption and a foul smell was starting to take over his bathroom. The air jets in the base of the bath had started to break away and water was leaking through the skin of the bath and being absorbed by what was once upon a time a wooden baseboard.

We had shown and explained the problem to Mr Tom's and the decision was made to remove the bath and fit a new baseboard and system to the bath.  Within three days the bath had been removed, baseboard and whirlpool system replaced then reinstalled into Mr Tom's Home. This was all carried out with minimum inconvenience caused to the everyday life and disruption to existing bathroom tiles and surroundings. The cost which Mr Tom's paid was a fraction of the original cost which he had originally paid for the Whirlpool Bath and he could now enjoy his new improved whirlpool bath with peace of mind that he has a warranty which can be extended for however long he wishes!

" I am very satisfied with the overall service I received from WBS and would recommend them to anybody who has a whirlpool bath"

Yours sincerely

B Tom's

Retired Police Sergeant.

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